CCK-8 Advertising

CCK-8 Advertising

TargetMol just presented a new merchandise, mobile phone checking system (CCK-8)  CCK-8  is a all set-to-use one-bottle answer which provides a simple, fast, dependable and sensitive dimension of cellular viability and cytotoxicity of numerous chemical compounds.( phone-Counting-Kit-8 ).


Mobile surviving assay

Cellular proliferation assay

Cellular cytotoxicity assay

Testing of anti-tumor drugs


Mobile phone Keeping track of Package-8 ( CCK-8 ) allows very convenient assays. The system uses a highly drinking water-soluble tetrazolium sea salt, WST-8, which makes a h2o-soluble formazan coloring upon lowering of the inclusion of an electron mediator. The quantity of the formazan generated by dehydrogenases is directly in proportion to the amount of living cells.

Great things about CCK-8

Far more vulnerable than MTT, MTS, or WST-1

No-harmful to mobile phone

No natural and organic solvents needed

Ready-to-use solution, will save some time and streamline work-flow

Selling price

To advertise a whole new product, our company is pricing our  CCK-8  package 20-50Percent below significant competition. See particulars under.(intermediate volume options are available)

1 ml (100 checks) – $19 (.19/examination)

10 ml (1000 checks) – $79 (.08/check)

100 ml (ten thousand assessments) – $547 (.05/test)

Full prices plan:

The best way to purchase

If you require a quote, you should response to the email and indicate the size (ml) you’d want to order. We are going to send you an estimate.

If you don’t need a quotation, make sure you place an order using your institution’s purchasing process/place of work or buy straight from TargetMol’s internet site.

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