GPCR compound catalogue

GPCR Compound Library receptors (GPCRs) mediate a lot of essential physical capabilities and therefore are regarded as as one of the best restorative concentrates on for any extensive variety of ailments. The design and style and execution of substantial-throughput GPCR assays which allow the fee-successful testing of sizeable compound libraries to determine novel substance applicants are vital during early medicine finding.

TargetMol is delivering an extensive selection of 356 materials particular GPCRs. It could be a powerful instrument for the substance verification analysis aiming at GPCR focuses on.

Explanations & benefits

1. A distinctive assortment of 356 compounds for GPCR Specific medicine verification

2. The GPCR Compound Library consists of small molecules connected with receptors including 5-HT Receptor, Dopamine Receptor, Opioid Receptor, Adrenergic Receptors, Cannabinoid Receptor, mGluR, and ETA-receptor and so forth

3. It can be calculated about 200 so-named orphan GPCRs are functionally unidentified, as a result, use of our GPCR Tiny Molecule Compound Library for testing the functionally unknown GPCRs may generate potentially new GPCR-structured medicine candidates

4. Structurally diversified, medicinally active, and cell permeable

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